Enjoy GemLightsTherapy
with Maharishi AyurVeda

Diana Harding
Advanced Practitioner of
Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems

This unique Ayurvedic therapy uses special soft light shining through precious gemstones to awaken your body's self-healing intelligence.

Diana Harding qualified with Maharishi College of Perfect Health and has been giving treatments since 2014. Her clients report:

- Deep relaxation and rejuvenation

- Relief from stress and anxiety

- Improved sleep, more energy

- Relief from chronic pain

- Inner peace and happiness

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To book appointments 

Diana Harding:  

Tel: (+44) 07870 495 450 (WhatsApp)

Email: gemlightstherapy@gmail.com

or find me on Facebook.

Treatment rooms in Rendlesham near 

Woodbridge, Suffolk.

Initial session (90mins) £50. Three sessions £135.